About Us

‘Southern Stars’ is a Japanese Yosakoi Soran dance group. We have been introducing Japanese culture through this exciting performing art in Auckland, New Zealand since April 2003. We love Yosakoi Soran dance because of the coexistence of traditional and modern essence in the performance. It’s exciting to watch and fun to dance! Our mission is to get everyone join us and dance together!!      



The stars in the name “Southern Stars” represent each member and signify our desire to foster respect for each other’s talent and culture and learn from one and other through various events.



The beauty of Yosakoi Soran dance is its complete openness to anyone to join and enjoy the dance regardless of their nationality, age or gender. Through performing Yosakoi Soran dance we would like to overcome cultural and language barriers. We strive to link up with cultural groups and Japanese community in Auckland as well as Yosakoi Soran groups in Japan, Yosakoi Soran dance is only small part of modern Japanese culture but we believe we can make it popular in New Zealand, and hopefully in the world!!  



Besides Sunday practice we also organise fun activities for the members and their families. 



Southern Stars is a volunteer organisation and is not affiliated with any other organisations. We are, however, supported by every one of members and those organisations that are generous to offer sponsorship and other forms of assistance.